Our Story

It has to Feel Right

Hi I'm Annie! Owner of Tumbleweed Babies. 

It started a long time ago ... a girl, a favorite doll, visions of Parisian couture for dolls and a grandma with a sewing machine. Soon I was designing outfits for my dolls and my talented grandma taught me how to operate her trusty Singer sewing machine. It's been a love affair ever since ... coordinating fabric, paper, colors, patterns ... but most of all fibers and texture ... it has to feel right and starting Tumbleweed Babies in 1999 felt very right!

Fresh Ideas

 Since those early days at my Oma's house in Germany, I've been blessed with my own family and my own grandchildren. The joy of gaining fresh ideas and inspiration from them is never-ending, and as I sit here looking at fabric swatches and teaching my granddaughter how to operate her "Sew Cute" sewing machine, I can't help but imagine the visions of Parisian doll couture that might be dancing in her head. And so it continues ... It feels right. 

Family is Everything

 Family is everything and I hope you and your family will enjoy the collection of products me and my family have lovingly designed, created or embroidered. ​  In addition to original Tumbleweed Babies products, we also offer select products manufactured by other family oriented companies who share the same or similar obsession with quality and service.

Warmest of Wishes, 

Annie Tumlinson​